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Join us at our beautiful Canyon Road gallery, located in the heart of historic Santa Fe! Mark White's kinetic wind sculptures populate the front and back gardens, creating an opportunity for reflection and meditation. 

Built in the 1700s, our gallery houses many mediums presented in new and exciting ways. View work by painters Javier Lopez-Barbosa, Ethan White, Mark White and Charles Veilleux. Our bold sculptors include jd Hansen, Ethan White and Mark White.

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News and current events at Mark White Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A Feast for the Senses | The Edible Art Tour

Mark White

EAT 2016.jpg

A Feast for the Senses | The Edible Art Tour

Santa Fe is a place that tantalizes the senses. The crisp mountain air and relative quiet of the City Different offer an escape from bustling metropolises, while coarse walls of old adobes speak to building styles of the past. Galleries offer an endless array of works to see and the plethora of restaurants tantalize the taste buds. With so much to offer it’s easy to overlook the hidden gems found along every street.

Luckily Santa Fe is also a place that believes in the power of cooperation, and this spirit has lead to one of the city’s favorite annual events, the Edible Art Tour. The tour, which pairs restaurants and galleries, provides an opportunity for residents and visitors to savor both the sights and tastes of the city in a two-night sample and stroll extraordinaire that not only showcases Santa Fe’s finest, but also benefits arts education.

Attendees of the event have the pleasure of treating themselves to the vast array of art that fills the Canyon Road and Downtown art districts, while sampling the cuisine of Santa Fe’s finest restaurants. They can also take pride in the knowledge that they are helping provide arts education to the children of New Mexico through ARTSmart.  

Here at Mark White Fine Art we’re proud to be taking part in the Edible Art Tour, and are once again paired with Adobo Catering for the Canyon Road portion of the event on June 8th from 5-8 pm.

Browse the list of participating galleries and restaurants and buy your tickets for the 2018 Edible Art Tour here. Or purchase your badge or at the gallery.


ARTSmart New Mexico

The proceeds from the Edible Art Tour benefit ARTSmart New Mexico, which is dedicated to preserving arts education in New Mexico Schools. They accomplish thisn by bringing in artist educators and offering programs to students, as well as providing scholarships to gifted youth.

The Edible Art Tour is one of several fundraisers held throughout the year. More information can be found at

The 2018 Edible Art Tour will take place June 8-9, 2018. June 8 will feature galleries along Canyon Road, while June 9 will showcase those in the Downtown arts district. Tickets can be purchased here or at the gallery.


Warp and Weft | Suzanne Donazetti

Mark White

  Visit to the Planet with Three Suns

Visit to the Planet with Three Suns

Everything in this world is connected. The sun nourishes the trees and grass, the wind blows the pollen and seeds, the earth gives them a place to grow and the water helps them to flourish. Like a finely woven cloth, everything is woven together in a vibrant tapestry of life.

This same delicate weaving also shows in the art of Suzanne Donazetti, who paints abstracted landscapes on side-by-side sheets of copper before cutting the metal into strips and weaving the two distinct works into a single piece. Her woven paintings, which aim to capture the beauty of the land and preserve its beauty for all to see, also rely on the interplay of the paint, metal, light and shadow to showcase a place that is as vibrant as the world around us.

From the green of trees reaching to a golden sky in Jade, to the reflections of a rich canopy in Blue Lagoon, to the wondrous landscape of the imagination in Visit to the Planet with Three Suns, each painting uses the warp and weft of the weaving alongside the color to tell the story of a place and time. They invite viewers to explore how things are woven not only in her works, but in the world around them, and to discover their own place in the tapestry of life.

Come see Suzanne Donazetti’s newest works during her one-woman exhibition, Transitions, through June 4, 2018 at the gallery or on her artist page.

Transitions | Suzanne Donazetti

Mark White

 Winter Winds #1

Winter Winds #1

Colors of abstracted landscapes peek out from strips of woven metal. Two distinct works become one, leaving viewers to wonder which painting is of the reality, and which of the illusion. As colors mingle with each other, and the shadows and sheen of the canvas, one can see that there is a delicate interplay at work, with each part playing its own role in the story unfolding in the art.

These unique paintings are the work of Suzanne Donazetti, who paints abstracted landscapes on side-by-side pieces of copper before cutting them into strips and weaving them together.

We’re proud to showcase Donazetti’s newest pieces this month with a one-woman exhibition, Transitions. It will run from May 22 to June 4, with an artist demonstration and lecture on Saturday May 26, 3-5 PM.

RSVP for the artist demonstration and lecture by calling (505) 982-2073.

A World of Inspiration

One of Donazetti’s passions in her work is documenting the world as she sees it. It’s her method of preserving the beauty for generations to come. In that vein the colors of life itself flourish in her art. Bold blues from crisp waters and rich greens of the forest, or the gold and red of the southwest sunset. Each palette speaks to the location which inspired it, and urges audiences to make their own pilgrimage to see the wonders for themselves.

A Legacy Of Art

Donazetti has also found fresh inspiration in family, and especially in her grandson, who has taken on the role of an apprentice to her work. They collaborate several times a year, each bringing their own style to the art, before Donazetti brings the works back to New Mexico to weave and mount them.

“He favors the deep, dramatic colors which everyone seems to like very much; my color palette is softer so our collaborations are interesting and I think will bring a new dimension to my show,” says Donazetti of the collaborative works.

Ever Evolving

In addition to the collaborations, there are also other subtle changes to Donazetti’s work. She continues to expand her palette, this year bringing in the golds, soft browns and deep greens of the southern New Mexico landscape. She also sometimes changes it up in favor of reds, indigos and turquoise.

Long time fans will also notice that many of the newest works lack the bends and ripples that have long been a hallmark of her style. Instead she’s focusing on creating several flat works, which is technically a more challenging process. She feels that this change gives a more painterly effect and works well alongside the other works found here at Mark White Fine Art.

To see Donazetti’s latest works click here, or join us for her exhibition, May 22 - June 4, and RSVP now for her artist demonstration and lecture on Saturday May 26, 3-5 PM.

 Scarlet Dancing

Scarlet Dancing

A Day En Plein Air | The Canyon Road Spring Arts Festival

Mark White

Spring Arts 2016 (15) web.jpg

Artists are often regarded as solitary people, toiling over easels and palettes in studios. But there is another side of art, and that’s the joy of coming out to paint in the fresh air and where audiences can observe the process. The Canyon Road Spring Arts Festival celebrates this desire to leave the confines of the studio as the weather permits, and gathers artists from across the world on where eager audiences can see the vast range of genres and styles at work in one event.

Here at Mark White Fine Art we also enjoy celebrating the season by inviting our artists to join us this popular event, and we’re excited that four of our painters will be here on Saturday May 12, from 10 AM to 3 PM. Come on down to see works by Mark White, Marshall Noice, Matthew Higginbotham and Andree Hudson come alive.

Mark White

Mark’s paintings are as varied as his inspirations. From the soothing reflections off water to the endless landscape he follows where his passion takes him. Yet each piece invites viewers to contemplate and look for more, whether it be in the small details of a vista that one can relate to, or the shifting shapes in a reflection piece that makes one wonder what the world on the other side of the water looks like.

Marshall Noice

Marshall’s use of vivid color captures not the reality of a scene, but the underlying emotion of it. Through use of bold color his paintings convey the mood of a visit and allow him to document the changes in familiar places as the seasons and people visiting change.

Matthew Higginbotham

Matthew seeks to portray the land in all it’s beauty, and his lustrous paintings are an homage to the everyday wonders around us. With scenes so realistic one feels that they could step past the canvas into the world beyond, his work is a reminder that there is infinite inspiration if one only looks for it.

Andree Hudson

Andree’s paintings are a celebration of life. Herds of horses and cattle thunder across her canvasses, while her human subjects often take on a more contemplative tone. Through use of bold color each one showcases the power of her subjects.

Join us on Saturday May 12 from 10-3 to see these four artists painting live in the sculpture garden, and others all along Canyon Road.

Paint Out and Sculpt Out 2016 - JW  WEB 65 web.jpg

A New Mother’s Day Tradition | The Canyon Road Spring Arts Festival

Mark White

spring arts.jpg

Spring in Santa Fe is a beautiful time of year. New life is in abundance in the mild weather and the world feels as if it’s born anew after the cold of winter.

With this sense of new birth, it is also a time when we as a society come together to celebrate our mothers. The newness in the world reminds us all od the fragility that is life, and prompts us to appreciate those who helped nurture us.

One of the ways we celebrate is by taking our mothers to experience some of their favorite things, and for many that includes a new Santa Fe tradition: The Canyon Road Spring Arts Festival. This annual event pairs the beautiful weather of Mother’s Day Weekend with the fun of a plein air painting exhibition.

This year Mark White Fine Art is excited to welcome four painters to paint en plein air during the Canyon Road Spring Arts Festival. Mark White, Marshall Noice, Matthew Higginbotham and Andree Hudson will all be painting live in front of the gallery from 10-3 on Saturday May 12. Whether you're a collector or new to their styes it is an excellent opportunity to see these artists at work.

Mark White

From the indistinct ripples of his reflection series, to stunning vistas, to engraved and patinaed metals, Mark White is a man of many talents. The Spring Arts Festival also allows visitors to enjoy more of Mark’s creations as he and the other painters work under the gently moving kinetic wind sculpture that fills the garden.

Marshall Noice

Marshall Noice has an emotional connection to the land, and it’s this he focuses on in his painting rather than the reality of a place. Trees, mountains, streams and more are painted in vibrant hues, each contributing their own unique energy and mood to create the atmosphere of a place. The vivid works capture the interplay of emotions that many take for granted in creating the underlying beauty of a scene.

Matthew Higginbotham

Matthew Higginbotham sees the beauty of the land all around us and strives to convey that sense of love and wonder to audiences. Both the land and the sky are carefully painted to portray the scene that inspired him, and combined with oils each painting takes on a glow that portrays the magic of the world.

Andree Hudson

Andree Hudson has the ability to capture the emotions of her subjects in pose and movement. Recognized early in her career for her ability to accurately portray musculature, her human and animal subjects have a power all their own. The angle of a pose and the highlight of paints on lean muscles give audiences a sense of being there, whether it’s the running of a herd or a quiet and contemplative moment.

See works from these and more artists on our artists page, and join us on Saturday May 12 from 10-3 to see these artists working in our sculpture garden.

Luscious Landscapes | New Works By Matthew Higginbotham

Mark White

Matthew Higginbotham is inspired by the land, and, living outside of Santa Fe, he has unlimited sources to draw upon. From the endless reaches of the New Mexico sky to the more intimate details such as a single chamisa along his walks, there is always something that he finds captivating enough to preserve in paint for generations to come.

Because of his endless wealth of inspiration, Higginbotham is constantly paintings, and we’ve just received four new works. From the fresh colors of spring, to the storms of summer and to the golden hues of fall these pieces encompass the beauty that he seeks to convey.

See these and other works by Matthew Higginbotham on his artist page.

First+Light%2c+oil+on+canvas.+24x30%2c2017 web.jpg

First Light

There is a freshness about First Light that gives it the feel of a crisp spring morning. Colors feel almost super-saturated in their newness, enhanced by the first rays of golden sunlight. It’s a piece that invites audiences to step out into the world outside and discover just as much brilliance wherever they are.

StormsApproachHigginbotham2016HR web.jpg

Storms Approach

The late-afternoon thunderstorm is a hallmark of the New Mexico summer, and Higginbotham has captured the myriad colors that display themselves as the walls of water move across the horizon. For many New Mexicans this piece brings a sense of nostalgia, with the blue sky ahead of the advancing clouds, and the touch of dryness to the land that the rain nourishes.

Journey+Into+Dusk%2c+oillinen%2c+40x36%2c+2017 web.jpg

Journey Into Dusk

The dusty path rounds the corner past the trees with the beginning and end points unknown. Travelers on the trail are encouraged not to think about how it starts or ends, but instead what they encounter along the way. Golden-hued light suffused the landscape, giving everything a rich glow and reminding audiences that true wealth lies all around us just waiting to be discovered.

Walk+Amoung+the+AspensMHigginbothamoilcanvas%2c72x48%2c+2018 web.jpg

Walk Among the Aspens

Higginbotham takes us up into the mountains for a fall treat in his Walk Among the Aspens. Known for their bright golden leaves in the fall, they are a sight that draws people into nature every year to feel the crisp coolness of the air and savor the soft crunch underfoot as they prepare for the coming of winter.

Expressive Moves | New Work by Richard Pankratz

Mark White

There are any number of ways that a person can convey emotion. Words have the ability to carry the depth and power of a feeling, and one can share a world of emotion with a simple expression. However, nothing compares to the raw energy of body language. Movement and pose combine to spin tales of joy or sadness. The tilt of a chin or drop of the shoulders speak a universal language that is understood by all, and it is these movements that sculptor Richard Pankratz uses to tell a story in each of his works.

Now Pankratz is bringing this same expressive movement to two new pieces. Filled with the same expressive movement that fill all his works, we’re excited that they’ll be arriving soon.


“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching...” ― William W. Purkey

Dance_Dance_Dance-1 web.jpg

Dance, Dance, Dance

Pankratz’s Dance, Dance, Dance seems to take the famous quote to heart as the subject moves in a free and unapologetic style. The swirl of the dress and stretch of the arms give it the character of a photo having been taking mid-move, while the lean in the pose allows the mind to fill in the next logical steps. The result is an expressive piece that tells an exhilarating story with a single glance.



“Lean on me, when you're not strong. And I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on. For it won't be long. 'Til I'm gonna need. Somebody to lean on…” ― Bill Withers

Lean_On_Me-2 Web.jpg

Lean on Me

In contrast to Dance, Dance, Dance, the story that Lean On Me tells is one of quiet trust. The soft, muted colors add an element of longevity to the emotion, while the back-to-back posture shows that each figure has complete faith in the other. Both subjects are at once protector and support. The result is a piece that embodies the unique way in which people depend on each other and share the journey of life.



If you’re interested in either Dance, Dance, Dance or Lean On Me please give us a call at 505-982-2073 for more information. You can also browse Richard’s other works on his artist page.


The Joy of Plein Air

Mark White

 Mark White painting en plein air. 

Mark White painting en plein air. 

For many people, when they think of painters and their work they imagine studios filled with easels, canvases and paint. However, a growing number of artists are stepping outside their studios to work in plein air, painting outdoors with natural light and the panorama of their inspiration around them.

This transition to working outdoors comes with a number of unique challenges, but also its own rewards. And as it has become increasingly popular the Plein Air Convention and Expo has arisen to help both seasoned artisans and newcomers to plein air painting hone their skills and share the secrets of working outdoors.

This year Santa Fe will play host to the convention, and Canyon Road is excited to be part of the action.

Learn more about the Plein Air Convention and Expo at

Santa Fe & Art

The crisp clean air of Northern New Mexico has long attracted artists from across the country and around the globe. With a rich cultural history combined with stunning views it provides ample sources of inspiration for artists in all genres and the friendly weather makes it an ideal place for plein air painting.

How To Get Involved

For the creators who would like to connect with other painters or improve their plein air skills, the expo presents an ideal opportunity to meet their fellow artists.

However, there are also events to enjoy for those who are more inclined to observe. There will be painters on Canyon Road and around downtown Santa Fe from 4:30-7 pm on Wednesday April 18. In addition there will be opportunities to add to your collection during their Art Showcase and Sale.  The show will be open to the public from 8am-9pm on Tuesday April 17 and Wednesday April 18.

Learn more about all the various events surrounding the Plein Air Convention and Expo at

Winds Of Change | Mark White Kinetic Sculptures

Mark White


Steady winds accompany spring in New Mexico. Tumbleweeds dried by the winter roll across the open landscape, and even on warm days everybody keeps a jacket for the cool breeze.

Here at Mark White Fine Art we look forward to the winds that signal the start of spring each year. Not only are they a symbol of the season to come, but they also help our sculpture garden come alive. With each gust or gentle flow of air Mark’s kinetic sculptures spin and move, creating entrancing and intricate patterns of motion.

Mark also brings his wide range of skills and ideas to the fore in his wind sculpture. His traditional rotating pieces spin to create repeating patterns in rich patina colors or simple verdigris. However he also has a line of abstract works. Featuring straight pieces and careful counterbalancing these kinetics move in ways that are unique and non-repeating.

See all of Mark’s kinetic sculptures at



Spinning Patina or Verdigris

Bright flashes of spinning color or natural verdigris catch the eye, inviting a person to watch as the sculpture moves with only the power of the wind.

Inspired by nature, Mark’s spinning sculptures each try to bring a piece of that inspiration back in their unique shapes and motion. A full flower garden is recreated in minimalisti lines alongside spinning orbs, curves and more.

The artistry doesn’t stop with the form of the sculpture either. Each sculpture is colored, whether with patina or a verdigris finish, by hand, making each blade unique and a work of art all its own.



Counterbalanced Stainless Steel

At a glance both simple and minimalistic, Mark White’s counterbalanced stainless steel kinetic sculptures are a carefully constructed marvel of artistic engineering. Reminiscent of mobiles, each one requires carefully planned weight distribution in order to freely move and spin.

Unlike the patina and verdigris works, that spin on one or two axis, the stainless steel works have multiple rotation points along almost all of their limbs. This helps to create the enticing and ever changing patterns of movement in the sky, and since the patterns are non-repeating one can watch for hours, constantly guessing where the breeze will take the sculpture next. 


See all of Mark’s kinetic sculptures at

Illuminating Magic | Suzanne Donazetti

Mark White

SDonazettiThreeSunsHRa web.jpg

Dawn and dusk. Both are stunning gifts of nature, given freely every day. They capture the imagination and fuel the spirit. Everybody has a memory of one or the other, or both; of a time when the sky was filled with pastel hues and pink washed over the land. The feeling is so strong it’s almost as if the memory exists in the shared unconsciousness of mankind itself. And, just as with memories, they cause all to pause and reflect.

Just as the changing skies cause people to slow down and appreciate their surroundings, or bring a sense of nostalgia, the sunrise and the sunset also fuel artists. Each one is unique, and those who are awed by them know that their beauty must be captured in the moment before the memory is displaced by the next.

It is these iconic impressions of a pastel sky that have fueled Suzanne Donazetti’s latest pieces.  Each one takes on the characteristics of the changing sky, and captures in her own unique way the shared understanding of how beautiful these natural gifts are.

See the new sunlight themed works on Suzanne’s artist page.

SDonazettiThreeSunsHRa web.jpg

Three Suns

Three Suns follows the path of the sun as it rises, sets, then rises again to complete the cycle. It’s path is a gentle reminder that a new day will always break and bring with it fresh beginnings.

DZTwilightHD web.jpg


In the gentle moments before dawn the landscape is filled with the gentle hues of pink, blue and lilac. Twilight captures this feel, coloring the world and hinting at the approaching dawn.

DSSunriseHD web.jpg


The sun bursts over the horizon, and the colors of the world are born anew in Sunrise. Each hue is more vivid in those early seconds of day, filled with a clarity all their own.

DZSundownHD web.jpg


Vibrant tones of blue and magenta fill the sky in the moments before Sunset as the sun paints the world in hues as if to present a gift of hope to its inhabitants.

sdonazetti+HD+Dusk web.jpg


Shadows creep across the land at Dusk and only the most vibrant of colors stand out, yet they still carry with them the promise of a new day and strive to be seen until the world around them is swathed in the cloak of night.

See these and all of Suzanne’s abstract landscape paintings on woven copper on her artist page.

Land and Water | Marshall Noice

Mark White

 Birch Grove Lakeside II

Birch Grove Lakeside II

Trees of vibrant reds, yellows and blues surround calm waters of blue and green. VIibrant colors that set the mood, depicting landscapes that seem to celebrate life itself. These works, which showcase the exuberance of the land, are by Marshall Noice. Yet, in addition to the trees and forested areas that have long been a staple of his art, the role of water plays a larger part in many of the artist’s recent paintings.

While waterfront scenes have long been a part of Noice’s repertoire, edges of streams and lakes forming blue lines or arches across the land, the newest pieces explore more of the symbiosis between the land and the water. The colors and the living elements within the rivers and lakes take on a life of their own while the surrounding land seemingly rejoices in the life-giving liquid.

See Marshall Noice’s works on his artist page.


More Than Nourishment

 Whitefish Lake Fall

Whitefish Lake Fall

As Noice’s style evolves so does that of the nature of water in his works, and, as such, those elements themselves take on a greater role. In Birch Grove Lakeside II the trees are reflected on the smooth surface, giving them a feeling of being lusher and fuller just from the proximity to the water.

In his Whitefish Lake Fall he captures not only the reflections, but also a sense of the diverse life that lives under the surface from the deeper greens and mixed blues that give the lake its own sense of movement. And no longer is the water a single element, but a major component of the work, occupying half the canvas in a way that showcases how the water supports the land and vice-versa.

A Landscape in Motion

 Riffles, Boulder River

Riffles, Boulder River

Just as Noice portrays the calm of the lakeside, he is also able to convey the flowing energy of the river. The rough shoreline and the ripples of white in his Riffles, Boulder River give insight to the speed of the water as it cuts a line through the forest on its never ending search for the sea.

On the other hand, one sees a gentle tributary in the calm waters of the stream in his Above Whitefish Lake, the trees growing from the riverbed a sign of the welcoming pace of the water.

 Above Whitefish Lake

Above Whitefish Lake


Whether the depths of the forest of the energetic shores of a river, Marhsall Noice’s expanding style and repertoire explores and showcases the emotion of the world.

See more of Noice’s works that explore the relationship between land and water on his artist page.


Mark White, Renaissance Man

Mark White

San+Cristobal+Arroyo web.jpg

Mark White’s iconic kinetic wind sculptures are a favorite sight along Canyon Road. The gently moving pieces are both calming and entrancing, offering a moment of peaceful reflection as people stop to watch. However, stepping into the gallery reveals a body of work that far surpasses the colorful welcome of the garden.

In fact, Mark White is a renaissance man in terms of his artistic endeavors with sculptures ranging from the vibrant kinetics to the minimalistic “We” series, and paintings that range from abstract to landscape to engraved aluminum or copper colored with bright patinas.

To browse the full breadth of Mark’s work visit his artist page.


Screenshot+2017-06-30+11.17.00 web.jpg


Mark’s landscape paintings have the ability to capture the serenity of a moment. From sweeping vistas to the intimate feel of a tree-lined pond he makes each work feel as though the world itself is in perfect harmony.

Soft+Waves+of+Light+I+-+HR web.jpg


The gentle ripples and seeming reflections of Mark’s abstract works lead audiences to moments of introspection. Each person is asked to determine for themselves what the pieces mean to them as they search for the threads in the blended hues.

_DSC0803 web.jpg

Engraved & Patinaed

Mark’s work with metals is on full display in his engraved and patinaed metal pieces. Shapes emerge as he works the metal, then the patinas are applied, turning the gleaming surface into a myraid of colors with a watercolor feel.

See all of Mark's paintings here



2018-02-20_08h56_31 web.jpg


Mark’s kinetic wind sculpture is the very definition of art in motion. Each piece spins and moves in the breeze, creating a piece that can capture the imagination as shapes blend, merge and change.

Browse the kinetic sculptures here.


WE Series

The “We” series is at once both expressive and minimalistic. The figures are reduced to the bare essentials, yet entire stories are told in the nuances of pose. Comfort, companionship, synchronicity and even determination are all expressed in simple, unmistakable, lines.

Browse the “We” series here


Cubilinear Series

The Cubilinear series lies at the nexus of size, shape, and precision. Both abstract and complex, Mark forms varied shapes by cutting steel tubes at different lengths and on different sides. From there he has the freedom to explore how size and shape interacts from the building blocks of life to purely abstract pieces that examine the possibilities from such a humble start.

See Mark’s Cubilinear Series here.

To browse all of Mark’s work visit his artist page.

Going, Going, Gone | The Mark White Fine Art Annual Auction

Mark White

 On the Rosebud - Marshall Noice

On the Rosebud - Marshall Noice

There is a thrill to any auction; bidding with the hopes of winning, and uncertainty until the auctioneer declares the results. Each one brings the possibility of victory and the potential to be outbid, and the anticipation of either outcome.

Here at Mark White Fine Art we bring this excitement to our collectors every year with our annual art auction. Featuring works from a number of our artists, and, with paintings starting at 40% off and sculpture at 25% off, it is an excellent time to start or add to a collection.

Browse the included pieces at

For those who want to participate, there are still several days available before bidding closes for 2018. The auction ends on Saturday February 3, at 4 pm. Bids can be placed by calling (505)982-2073, and you will need to have contact information and credit card numbers ready.


 Pastel Yellow Reflections - Mark White

Pastel Yellow Reflections - Mark White

This year we have several painters who have included a wide range of works: pastels, acrylics and oil, abstracts, animal and landscape are all available. With pieces from Mark White, Marshall Noice, Matthew Higginbotham, Andree Hudson and Suzanne Donazetti there is a wide selection to fit any theme or decor.

Mark White has selected works that include abstracts and landscapes for this auction. Marshall Noice has several pieces for consideration in both oil and pastel. Matthew Higginbotham’s works highlight the beauty of the different seasons, while Andree Hudson brings both people and animals to life in her vivid works. Finally Suzanne Donazetti rounds out the painters with her painted and woven copper abstract landscapes.



 Time Out - David Meredith

Time Out - David Meredith

In addition to the works by our painters, we are also pleased to have works from four sculptors included in this Year’s auction. Mark White, Nnamdi Okonkwo, Chris Deverill and David Meredith have each made works available.

Mark White has included three of his kinetic wind sculptures: Passion Flower, Iris 3 Bud Top and Blooming Lily 3. Nnamdi Okonkwo has two pieces: Embrace and Soul Sisters. Chris Deverill has added his Stretch and Senior Bear to the offerings, and finally David Meredith rounds out the sculptors with his Time Out and the monumental version of his Tree Frog.

Browse the available works at, and call in before 4 pm on Saturday Feb 3 to place your bid.

Place Your Bids | The Mark White Fine Art 2018 Auction

Mark White


Auctions are a staple of the art world. They are how famous works are transferred, how beginning artists get their first taste of success, and at all levels in between. Here at Mark White Fine Art we also adhere to this tradition with an annual art auction. Featuring works from many of our artists it’s an ideal way to either begin or add to an art collection.

How To Bid

The auction begins this year on Saturday January 27, at 10am, and lasts until 4pm on Saturday February 3. The included works can all be found from the links on the auction page, with prices and bidding increments in the information box accompanying each piece. Paintings start at 40% off and sculpture starts at 25% off.

For those who would rather not take the chance of losing their preferred piece there is also a ‘Buy It Now’ option on each work.

Bids will be accepted by phone at (505)982-2073. When calling please be prepared to provide such details as your name, credit card information as well as a contact phone number so that you can be contacted in the event that you are outbid or win.

Preview the available auction pieces here.


Participating Artists


Mark White Kinetics

The colorful kinetic works that greet visitors in the garden along Canyon Road are one of the hallmarks of the gallery, and no auction would be complete without them. Mark has selected three sculptures to include this year.


Mark White Paintings

In addition to his kinetics, Mark White also has several paintings included in the auction. Ranging from the reflective abstracts to landscapes and more there is a good variety for those with diverse tastes.


Marshall Noice

Vibrant colors meant to evoke emotion are a staple of Marshall Noice’s work. His vivid landscape paintings capture the mood of a place rather than the reality of it. For the auction he is including a mix of both oil and pastel works.


Matthew Higginbotham

Matthew Higginbotham’s paintings showcase the beauty of nature. Each one focuses on the energy of a place and offers audiences a glimpse into the magic of each location. He’s included works that span the seasons and time of day for those who want to bring a piece of nature indoors.


Suzanne Donazetti

Suzanne Donazetti’s work is part abstract painting and part sculpture. She paints abstracted views of the landscape on side-by-side sheets of copper, cuts the metal into strips and weaves them together for a piece that bends and curves. She’s selected pieces that feature a range of subjects and palettes for the auction.


Andree Hudson

Andree Hudson is known for her powerful and true-to-life musculature. Utilizing pose and vivid colors that contrast the movement of her subjects she gives each piece an energy all its own. It’s almost possible to hear the thunder of hooves or sense the calm in the room just from a single glance. She’s including a mix of both animal and portrait pieces.


Nnamdi Okonkwo

Nnamdi Okonkwo uses full figures to embody the fullness of life. Women in expressive poses convey a range of emotion, from joy to friendship, love to celebration. Okonkwo has included two pieces in the auction, each with a theme of togetherness.


Chris Deverill

There is a whimsical quality to the animal sculptures of Chris Deverill. Each one takes a familiar animal and combines it with an emotion. The results invite audiences to see both the emotions and animals in a different light as they see how the same moods are universal.


David Meredith

David Meredith showcases the natural world in his animal sculpture. Each piece showcases the personality of his subject through pose and expression. He has selected two pieces for the auction, each focused on a different aspect of an animal’s life.

Preview the available auction pieces here, and call 505)982-2073 to place your bid.

In His Own Words | Mark White on KSFR

Mark White


With the gently moving kinetic sculpture and soothing gardens, Mark White Fine Art has been an iconic location along Canyon Road since it opened. Visitors from both near and far come in to enjoy the peaceful ambiance and spend time reflecting on the art.

However there is more that goes into a gallery than just the art. It takes dedication and passion from the founders. For those who would like to delve deeper into the gallery, its history, and its future, Mark White recently sat down with KSFR’s John Shannon to discuss just those topics.

Listen to the interview on KSFR here.

Mark’s Path As An Artist

Although Mark is now a successful artist and gallerist on Canyon Road, his path was not a straight one. In the interview he discusses his lifelong passion for art, and the wandering path he took to achieve his dream.

The Founding Of Mark White Fine Art

One of the topics of the interview revolves around the founding of the gallery. Mark discusses how the economic recession of 2008 impacted the world of fine art, and how he was left with the decision to either pave his own path or make difficult choices about the ongoing viability of his art.

Mark’s Plan For Staying Relevant In The Digital Age

Even as Mark White Fine Art remains a vibrant place on Canyon Road, Mark knows that the world is evolving. He details some of the challenges that lie ahead for all artists and galleries as the selling of fine art changes, and hints at some of the plans that the gallery is already exploring in order to stay relevant for years to come.

Listen to the full interview here.

Art For The New Year

Mark White

 In the Wetland - Triptych  - Suzanne Donazetti  

In the Wetland - Triptych  - Suzanne Donazetti

The New Year is a time of fresh beginnings. Many people take the opportunity of a new calendar to reflect on their lives and resolve to make positive changes to themselves and their surroundings. From setting grand goals to establishing a new daily habit, the range of possibilities is endless.

For those who have made it their mission to experience more art in the new year, several of our artists have been hard at work to help make it happen. Mark White, Marshall Noice, Matthew Higginbotham, Suzanne Donazetti and David Meredith have all introduced new pieces lately.

See works from these artists and more on our artists page.

Mesa Country.jpg

Mark White has introduced several series over the past several months. His newest, the Ripple series, features abstracted reflections on bodies of water. In addition he also recently released a number of landscapes focusing on skies and expansive scenes. From oceanscapes to the seemingly endless land of the southwest these pieces showcase the beauty of the world around us.


Summer Afternoon, Chama

Marshall Noice’s latest pieces strive for added nuance in the broad range of bold colors. Hues blend and merge, fading from one to another as the energy surrounding a place deepens. Focused on the emotion of a place rather than the reality, the increasing palette offers audiences the chance to explore their own feelings about a work on an even deeper level, and offer more opportunity to connect to what Noice was feeling as well.


Matthew Higginbotham’s latest works almost radiate serenity. Soothing greens welcome audiences to stroll among the trees, and the vibrant yellow of blooming chamisa has an energy that invites reflection. Meanwhile the blues and pinks of a New Mexico sunset showcase the endless skies that so many love about the southwest. 

Catching+the+Wind web.jpg

Many of Suzanne Donazetti’s recent works are inspired by wetlands and forests. Gentle greens and soothing blues are reminiscent of trees and streams. Bold reds and oranges showcase the colors of the sky over these serene places, a feeling that she tries to portray in each of her woven copper paintings. 

Watchful+(Monumental) web.jpg

David Meredith’s Watching is a popular piece, and now he’s made it available as a monumental size. With bold coloring and an intense gaze, it’s a grand homage to the rabbit’s it’s based on and sure to spark conversation.

With so many new works by these varied artists, meeting the goal of adding more art to your life is even easier.

See works from all these artists and more on our artists page.

Ripples | New Paintings By Mark White

Mark White

 Soft Waves of Light I

Soft Waves of Light I

Mark White is a renaissance man, working in a variety of media to create both paintings and sculpture. He melds steel, aluminum and copper as easily as he recreates visions in oil on panel, and is constantly expanding his repertoire. From his gently moving kinetic sculpture, to the ‘We’ series that offers a reflection of humanity, to the diverse selections of paintings and engraved metals, his inspiration seems as boundless as his skill.

Recently Mark has been working on a series of new paintings. At once both abstract and engaging they depict scenes of rippling water and reflections. Each one invites audiences to not only contemplate the work, but their own interpretation of it.

Come in or see Mark’s new ‘Ripple’ series on his paintings page.

A Place Out Of Time

Soft colors are a hallmark of the new ripple series. Featuring calming blues as the base, the other colors lend themselves to the soothing nature of the pieces. Each shade gives a sense of time, with oranges and yellows making one think of the warmth of fall, while greens and vibrant hues lead one to the growth of spring and summer.

The play in the ripples also add their own character, the higher energy in pieces such as Blue Ripples III or Ripple Rhythms I give the impression of a breeze moving along the water and blending the scenery like a kaleidoscope. On the other hand, in pieces like Soft Waves of Light I one can almost make out the shape of the trees.

No matter which colors or energy, there is a sense of serenity when looking at the new paintings.  One can envision sitting beside the shore on a warm day listening to the sounds of nature, smelling the moisture saturating the air and feel the cool breeze coming off the water. Looking from one work to another there is a feeling that the seasons are passing in oil, and it’s easy to imagine returning to a scenic place throughout the year to watch the days go by in the gentle motion of the water.

Places Of The Mind

While the colors and reflections give the Ripple series a sense of place, at the same time they tease the mind like abstract pieces. The indistinct nature of the world allows a person to envision what they will and find their own meaning in the work much in the same way that other abstract works invite each person to come to their own interpretation.

No matter which you see, the serenity of the waterfront, or an abstract piece that teases the mind, Mark White has once more delivered a series that showcases his skill at creating whatever he puts his mind to.

See Mark’s new ‘Ripple’ series on his paintings page.

 Blue Ripples III

Blue Ripples III

Enjoy A Holiday Tradition | The Canyon Road Farolito Walk

Mark White

holiday front.jpg

Thousands make their way downtown each year to celebrate in a beloved Santa Fe holiday tradition: the Canyon Road Farolito Walk. Filled with flickering farolitos and roaring luminarias, it is an event which draws people from both around the city and across the globe. Taking place on Christmas Eve, it’s a magical experience, whether it’s your first time or a longstanding favorite in your family.

Galleries all along the road participate in this annual event, lining sidewalks and walls with farolitos; their fragile beauty a symbol of the southwest. Many also decorate entrances and sculpture gardens with beautiful light displays, showcasing the love of the holidays.

In addition to the beauty of the scenery, there is a jovial atmosphere as visitors and residents alike come together to celebrate the season. Carolers roam the street and gather around roaring luminarias, singing favorite holiday tunes. Others groups set up stands selling warmed cider and hot chocolate with proceeds benefiting various charities. No matter where you turn it’s an evening filled with magic and holiday cheer.

The Canyon Road Farolito Walk begins at dusk, and walkers should expect a bit of a walk to get to the road. Roads around Canyon Road will be closed in advance of the walk to traffic to accommodate the large number of pedestrians. Additionally one should dress appropriately for the weather and expect to be outdoors for most of the evening.

Though Mark White Fine Art will be closed so that our employees can spend the evening with their families, we hope that you enjoy the farolitos along our wall and the decorations in the sculpture garden.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Mark White Fine Art. 

Come Party With The Canyon Road ‘400’ Block

Mark White

Block Party Invite.jpg

The holidays are a time of joy and friendship. People come together to celebrate the season and the festive atmosphere of the city. Lights flicker from trees and entrances, and farolitos line sidewalks and walkways. Despite the chill in the air, a feeling of warmth saturates the essence of Santa Fe.

The 400 block of Canyon Road is hosting its own festive event this year with a block party to celebrate the season. Mark White Fine Art, Ventana Fine Art, Canyon Road Contemporary Art, Pippin Contemporary and Wiford Gallery are joining together for an evening of frivolity and fine art at the heart of Canyon Road. Featuring music, farolitos, bonfires, refreshments, and, of course, fine art, it is an ideal way to spend an evening this holiday season.

Join the party from 3-7 PM on Friday December 15 on the 400 block of Canyon Road.  

Give The Gift of Art

Each of the participating galleries is making your shopping easier this holiday season with select items available from $50 - $1000. With fine art and art inspired items at such affordable prices there is sure to be something to fit every budget or taste.

Meet The Artists

In addition to the festive atmosphere, this is also a fantastic opportunity to meet Mark White, Matthew Higginbotham and Suzanne Donazetti, as well as local artists from the other participating galleries. These artists will be on hand to discuss their work and give insights into how they create their cherished works.


Whether you're still shopping for that perfect artistic gift, or just want to enjoy an evening celebrating the season, the block party is the perfect holiday event.

The block party will take place from 3-7 PM on Friday December 15. Bring family and friends to make this festive occasion even merrier.

Happy Holidays!

Nnamdi Okonkwo Brings His Jubilant Sculpture to Mark White Fine Art

Mark White



Large bronze women dance and play, or find solace in their shared experiences. Subtle pose communicates strong emotion and it is immediately apparent that the sculpture is merely a vessel for an idea that is much larger. These pieces are the work of Nnamdi Okonkwo, who has recently joined us here at Mark White Fine Art.

At the heart of each of his sculptures is Okonkwo’s belief that there is a magnificence to the human soul, something larger and deeper that goes well beyond the physical confines of the body. There is an abundance in the emotion, and for him showcasing it in the rotund forms of jubilant women sees the perfect means with which to convey the emotions of the work.

See Nnamdi Okonkwo’s work on his artist page.


An Artistic Journey


Okonkwo’s story starts in eastern Nigeria, where even as a child he was drawn to art. While he attempted and even earned a degree in painting, he soon learned that his true calling was in sculpture.

Okonkwo’s journey brought him to the US when he was recruited by BYU-Hawaii to play on their basketball team. This allowed him not only to continue his education, earning a BFA in sculpture, but gave him the opportunity to reach even higher. He moved to Provo after graduation, and continued to attend BYU for graduate school at their main campus, earning an MFA in sculpture as well.

Celebrating Womanhood

In addition to the large and expressive movements of his sculpture, another recurring theme in Okonkwo’s work is that of womanhood. It is an important aspect as part of his heritage, but also because he sees the noble characteristics of women in those closest to him.

These noble characteristics are often what makes up the bulk of the emotion behind each Okonkwo sculpture: human attributes such as love, life,  empathy, serenity, inner strength, and other universally embodied traits.




Simplicity For Meaning

Another trait of Okonkwo’s sculpture are the clean lines and minimal detail. Each piece has just enough detail to convey the emotion he seeks to portray, but not enough to focus on and therefore miss the bigger picture. In addition, each of his works isn’t derived from precise measurements, but rather from his own sense of balance and beauty.


By combining the largeness of spirit, the noble characteristics of woman and the simplicity to properly convey the message, each of Okonkwo’s works transcends any one of these things and instead speak to audiences on a deeper level.

See Nnamdi Okonkwo’s work on his artist page.