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Join us at our beautiful Canyon Road gallery, located in the heart of historic Santa Fe! Mark White's kinetic wind sculptures populate the front and back gardens, creating an opportunity for reflection and meditation. 

Built in the 1700s, our gallery houses many mediums presented in new and exciting ways. View work by painters Javier Lopez-Barbosa, Ethan White, Mark White and Charles Veilleux. Our bold sculptors include jd Hansen, Ethan White and Mark White.

Matthew Higginbotham Joins Mark White Fine Art


News and current events at Mark White Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Matthew Higginbotham Joins Mark White Fine Art

Mark White

 The Story Sunflowers Told

The Story Sunflowers Told

The landscape spreads across the canvas, realistic and seemingly painted when the world reached its most beautiful stage. Hues of fiery pastels fill the sunsets, warm ambers drape across sun-drenched plains, and flowers exude the joys of life. There is a sense that if one wishes hard enough they can step across the threshold into the vibrant world beyond.

These radiant and energetic paintings are the work of Matthew Higginbotham, who recently joined Mark White Fine Art. His paintings, which seem to have a glow of their own, are a stunning addition to our stable.

See Matthew Higginbotham’s work on his artist page here.

 Galisteo Storm

Galisteo Storm

A Land Alive

There is a natural energy to the land and each place has a radiance all its own. It’s this layer of the world that Higginbotham taps into that gives each of his paintings and what he strives to project again to audiences who view the work.  

One of the ways Higginbotham taps into this energy is by returning to favorite places year after year, such as the Tall Grass Prairie, The Bosque Del Apache, and the region near his home outside of Santa Fe. Each time he visits he becomes a bit more familiar with the nuance of a particular location, and can delve into its nature a bit better. Many collectors recognize the lands that he paints, and can track the evolution of the world in the rich hues.

 Storm Cloud Passing

Storm Cloud Passing

Showcasing Radiance

Another way that Higginbotham taps into the spirit of the land occurs as he’s painting and in the way that he portrays each scene. He utilizes not just into the seen, but the unseen as well. He allows the underlying energy to shine by mixing oils into the paint. These oils give the paintings a glow of their own, and they are almost luminescent as they reflect the light.

Matthew Higginbotham At the Paint Out

For those who want to get a closer work at Higginbotham’s art, he’ll be working in our garden for the Canyon Road Paint Out and Sculpt Out on Saturday October 21st. While he’s a regular participant in the event, this will be his first time with us.

Higginbotham says that he’s looking forward to painting from a new place on the road, and loves the zen feel of the garden.

Join us on Oct 21 for the Canyon Road Paint Out and Sculpt Art to see Matthew Higginbotham painting live, or visit his artist page here.