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414 Canyon Road
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Join us at our beautiful Canyon Road gallery, located in the heart of historic Santa Fe! Mark White's kinetic wind sculptures populate the front and back gardens, creating an opportunity for reflection and meditation. 

Built in the 1700s, our gallery houses many mediums presented in new and exciting ways. View work by painters Javier Lopez-Barbosa, Ethan White, Mark White and Charles Veilleux. Our bold sculptors include jd Hansen, Ethan White and Mark White.

The Joy of Plein Air


News and current events at Mark White Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Joy of Plein Air

Mark White

 Mark White painting en plein air. 

Mark White painting en plein air. 

For many people, when they think of painters and their work they imagine studios filled with easels, canvases and paint. However, a growing number of artists are stepping outside their studios to work in plein air, painting outdoors with natural light and the panorama of their inspiration around them.

This transition to working outdoors comes with a number of unique challenges, but also its own rewards. And as it has become increasingly popular the Plein Air Convention and Expo has arisen to help both seasoned artisans and newcomers to plein air painting hone their skills and share the secrets of working outdoors.

This year Santa Fe will play host to the convention, and Canyon Road is excited to be part of the action.

Learn more about the Plein Air Convention and Expo at

Santa Fe & Art

The crisp clean air of Northern New Mexico has long attracted artists from across the country and around the globe. With a rich cultural history combined with stunning views it provides ample sources of inspiration for artists in all genres and the friendly weather makes it an ideal place for plein air painting.

How To Get Involved

For the creators who would like to connect with other painters or improve their plein air skills, the expo presents an ideal opportunity to meet their fellow artists.

However, there are also events to enjoy for those who are more inclined to observe. There will be painters on Canyon Road and around downtown Santa Fe from 4:30-7 pm on Wednesday April 18. In addition there will be opportunities to add to your collection during their Art Showcase and Sale.  The show will be open to the public from 8am-9pm on Tuesday April 17 and Wednesday April 18.

Learn more about all the various events surrounding the Plein Air Convention and Expo at