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Join us at our beautiful Canyon Road gallery, located in the heart of historic Santa Fe! Mark White's kinetic wind sculptures populate the front and back gardens, creating an opportunity for reflection and meditation. 

Built in the 1700s, our gallery houses many mediums presented in new and exciting ways. View work by painters Javier Lopez-Barbosa, Ethan White, Mark White and Charles Veilleux. Our bold sculptors include jd Hansen, Ethan White and Mark White.

Transitions | Suzanne Donazetti


News and current events at Mark White Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Transitions | Suzanne Donazetti

Mark White

 Winter Winds #1

Winter Winds #1

Colors of abstracted landscapes peek out from strips of woven metal. Two distinct works become one, leaving viewers to wonder which painting is of the reality, and which of the illusion. As colors mingle with each other, and the shadows and sheen of the canvas, one can see that there is a delicate interplay at work, with each part playing its own role in the story unfolding in the art.

These unique paintings are the work of Suzanne Donazetti, who paints abstracted landscapes on side-by-side pieces of copper before cutting them into strips and weaving them together.

We’re proud to showcase Donazetti’s newest pieces this month with a one-woman exhibition, Transitions. It will run from May 22 to June 4, with an artist demonstration and lecture on Saturday May 26, 3-5 PM.

RSVP for the artist demonstration and lecture by calling (505) 982-2073.

A World of Inspiration

One of Donazetti’s passions in her work is documenting the world as she sees it. It’s her method of preserving the beauty for generations to come. In that vein the colors of life itself flourish in her art. Bold blues from crisp waters and rich greens of the forest, or the gold and red of the southwest sunset. Each palette speaks to the location which inspired it, and urges audiences to make their own pilgrimage to see the wonders for themselves.

A Legacy Of Art

Donazetti has also found fresh inspiration in family, and especially in her grandson, who has taken on the role of an apprentice to her work. They collaborate several times a year, each bringing their own style to the art, before Donazetti brings the works back to New Mexico to weave and mount them.

“He favors the deep, dramatic colors which everyone seems to like very much; my color palette is softer so our collaborations are interesting and I think will bring a new dimension to my show,” says Donazetti of the collaborative works.

Ever Evolving

In addition to the collaborations, there are also other subtle changes to Donazetti’s work. She continues to expand her palette, this year bringing in the golds, soft browns and deep greens of the southern New Mexico landscape. She also sometimes changes it up in favor of reds, indigos and turquoise.

Long time fans will also notice that many of the newest works lack the bends and ripples that have long been a hallmark of her style. Instead she’s focusing on creating several flat works, which is technically a more challenging process. She feels that this change gives a more painterly effect and works well alongside the other works found here at Mark White Fine Art.

To see Donazetti’s latest works click here, or join us for her exhibition, May 22 - June 4, and RSVP now for her artist demonstration and lecture on Saturday May 26, 3-5 PM.

 Scarlet Dancing

Scarlet Dancing