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Join us at our beautiful Canyon Road gallery, located in the heart of historic Santa Fe! Mark White's kinetic wind sculptures populate the front and back gardens, creating an opportunity for reflection and meditation. 

Built in the 1700s, our gallery houses many mediums presented in new and exciting ways. View work by painters Javier Lopez-Barbosa, Ethan White, Mark White and Charles Veilleux. Our bold sculptors include jd Hansen, Ethan White and Mark White.


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Luscious Landscapes | New Works By Matthew Higginbotham

Mark White

Matthew Higginbotham is inspired by the land, and, living outside of Santa Fe, he has unlimited sources to draw upon. From the endless reaches of the New Mexico sky to the more intimate details such as a single chamisa along his walks, there is always something that he finds captivating enough to preserve in paint for generations to come.

Because of his endless wealth of inspiration, Higginbotham is constantly paintings, and we’ve just received four new works. From the fresh colors of spring, to the storms of summer and to the golden hues of fall these pieces encompass the beauty that he seeks to convey.

See these and other works by Matthew Higginbotham on his artist page.

First+Light%2c+oil+on+canvas.+24x30%2c2017 web.jpg

First Light

There is a freshness about First Light that gives it the feel of a crisp spring morning. Colors feel almost super-saturated in their newness, enhanced by the first rays of golden sunlight. It’s a piece that invites audiences to step out into the world outside and discover just as much brilliance wherever they are.

StormsApproachHigginbotham2016HR web.jpg

Storms Approach

The late-afternoon thunderstorm is a hallmark of the New Mexico summer, and Higginbotham has captured the myriad colors that display themselves as the walls of water move across the horizon. For many New Mexicans this piece brings a sense of nostalgia, with the blue sky ahead of the advancing clouds, and the touch of dryness to the land that the rain nourishes.

Journey+Into+Dusk%2c+oillinen%2c+40x36%2c+2017 web.jpg

Journey Into Dusk

The dusty path rounds the corner past the trees with the beginning and end points unknown. Travelers on the trail are encouraged not to think about how it starts or ends, but instead what they encounter along the way. Golden-hued light suffused the landscape, giving everything a rich glow and reminding audiences that true wealth lies all around us just waiting to be discovered.

Walk+Amoung+the+AspensMHigginbothamoilcanvas%2c72x48%2c+2018 web.jpg

Walk Among the Aspens

Higginbotham takes us up into the mountains for a fall treat in his Walk Among the Aspens. Known for their bright golden leaves in the fall, they are a sight that draws people into nature every year to feel the crisp coolness of the air and savor the soft crunch underfoot as they prepare for the coming of winter.