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Join us at our beautiful Canyon Road gallery, located in the heart of historic Santa Fe! Mark White's kinetic wind sculptures populate the front and back gardens, creating an opportunity for reflection and meditation. 

Built in the 1700s, our gallery houses many mediums presented in new and exciting ways. View work by painters Javier Lopez-Barbosa, Ethan White, Mark White and Charles Veilleux. Our bold sculptors include jd Hansen, Ethan White and Mark White.

A New Mother’s Day Tradition | The Canyon Road Spring Arts Festival


News and current events at Mark White Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A New Mother’s Day Tradition | The Canyon Road Spring Arts Festival

Mark White

spring arts.jpg

Spring in Santa Fe is a beautiful time of year. New life is in abundance in the mild weather and the world feels as if it’s born anew after the cold of winter.

With this sense of new birth, it is also a time when we as a society come together to celebrate our mothers. The newness in the world reminds us all od the fragility that is life, and prompts us to appreciate those who helped nurture us.

One of the ways we celebrate is by taking our mothers to experience some of their favorite things, and for many that includes a new Santa Fe tradition: The Canyon Road Spring Arts Festival. This annual event pairs the beautiful weather of Mother’s Day Weekend with the fun of a plein air painting exhibition.

This year Mark White Fine Art is excited to welcome four painters to paint en plein air during the Canyon Road Spring Arts Festival. Mark White, Marshall Noice, Matthew Higginbotham and Andree Hudson will all be painting live in front of the gallery from 10-3 on Saturday May 12. Whether you're a collector or new to their styes it is an excellent opportunity to see these artists at work.

Mark White

From the indistinct ripples of his reflection series, to stunning vistas, to engraved and patinaed metals, Mark White is a man of many talents. The Spring Arts Festival also allows visitors to enjoy more of Mark’s creations as he and the other painters work under the gently moving kinetic wind sculpture that fills the garden.

Marshall Noice

Marshall Noice has an emotional connection to the land, and it’s this he focuses on in his painting rather than the reality of a place. Trees, mountains, streams and more are painted in vibrant hues, each contributing their own unique energy and mood to create the atmosphere of a place. The vivid works capture the interplay of emotions that many take for granted in creating the underlying beauty of a scene.

Matthew Higginbotham

Matthew Higginbotham sees the beauty of the land all around us and strives to convey that sense of love and wonder to audiences. Both the land and the sky are carefully painted to portray the scene that inspired him, and combined with oils each painting takes on a glow that portrays the magic of the world.

Andree Hudson

Andree Hudson has the ability to capture the emotions of her subjects in pose and movement. Recognized early in her career for her ability to accurately portray musculature, her human and animal subjects have a power all their own. The angle of a pose and the highlight of paints on lean muscles give audiences a sense of being there, whether it’s the running of a herd or a quiet and contemplative moment.

See works from these and more artists on our artists page, and join us on Saturday May 12 from 10-3 to see these artists working in our sculpture garden.